Thursday, June 5, 2014

You could have Carl's Crush: The Series!

Our fashion market director Which includes a Carl is known for dispensing the puppy's cold-blooded wisdom around the Vanity Lighter office and on Twitter. He rapidly gave me a stare worthy of Some of the Ring and hissed, "Do you really imagine, pretend mouse shoes are office exact? " (They were Marc Jacobs iPad 2 case, O. K.?! )

Marc By Marc Jacobs iPad 4 Case Letters

Now, he is bringing his discerning eye at a most deserving subject: you. Within the new video series, Carl's Grind, he'll offer his uproarious audio commentary on all the fashion issues of waking time. In his first episode, he decodes all of the mysterious world of Fashion People—who care for gifts (or was that GIFs? ) and consider "purse" a four-letter word (the word is "bag, " ladies and gents).

Watch all of the show—and make sure to leave your comments—above.

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